Cucumbers (Tasty King) | First Harvest

Cucumbers (Tasty King) | First Harvest

I’ve just had a late lunch with my first slices of fresh cucumber from the balcony garden. I had a bit of a false start with cucumbers this year when, due to some blip in my attention span, I accidentally planted two lots of courgettes and no cucumbers… it was weeks before I realised! So I wasn’t sure if the cucumbers would have time to come to much but after sweltering heats in London for weeks on end they’ve caught up just fine and now have started producing fruit.

I have two plants in a pot, with a wee marigold for colour, and they are trained up a trellis that I have mounted on the wall.

Four days ago, the cucumber was only a few inches long but in the last couple of days it’s swollen up quickly.

This variety is called “Tasty King” and it has lived up to its name, Β growing a full supermarket-sized fruit. The wee knobbly bits you see on the skin rub off as you wash it. This fruit even kept its little yellow flower too.

I had dozens of male flowers for weeks before any female ones appeared. The female flowers have these spiky mini-cucumbers behind them, so you can tell straight away that they will become fruit. The male ones make great garnish for salads.

And last but not least, here’s a little serving suggestion, heehee! It went from plant to sandwich in three minutes, with a completely homegrown filling β€” nasturtium leaves, rocket, mixed salad, black cherry tomatoes and basil, all from the balcony. Yummy!

Vegan cheese sandwich, on three-grain bread.

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